RDSA’s extensive knowledge and experience with rock drills has led to the development of numerous product upgrades and innovative products that are now available to the drilling industry. RDSA’s products have a proven track record of improving performance and reducing costs.
RDSA first started producing parts for rock drills over ten years ago, in that time vast amounts of research and development have gone into producing parts that will last longer and give customers better results.
Parts like pistons and impact bodies have been improved through extensive failure analysis and choice of raw materials and our customers have seen dramatic improvements in service life.
In 2007 RDSA introduced the revolutionary 4 bolt open atmosphere front head that has subsequently been retrofitted to many of our customers’ drill fleets.
The 4 bolt front head greatly reduces the risk of over tensioning strapping bolts and it’s open atmosphere design stops flushing water entering the drill whilst in operation.
The lessons learnt through gradual product upgrades have seen RDSA evolve into a fully fledged rock drill manufacture capable of supplying numerous models tailored to customers needs.
RDSA’s latest development has been the VS-25 rock drill, which operates using unique variable stroking that matches the level of power output to the ground conditions in which it is drilling.
RDSA 4 Bolt Front Head
Impact Piston
VS-25 RockDrill